I want you to know how sorry I am for everything, and how much I love you, so let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? c:

                    IT'S CHOW MEING :3


 To the left is a picture of a plant at the top of your street I took a picture of to commemorate the first day that I came over to your house. It was raining that day, and I walked all the way from my house to yours, which may sound daring, but it really only started raining once I got to the top of your street :P You and Kellee were so worried about me being cold and wet, but I was just happy to be with you guys. I had so much fun that day c:

 Who could possibly forget the Romnizzle? The Rominator? The Rom-bomb! (I felt that the last one was necessary) I remember when we went to Wal-Mart and bought / made this cake for Winham on his sweet 16. I think the receipt for it might still be in your guy's car, but who knows :P I loved printing out the picture of ol' runner up Romney and having you cut out his head cause I left like, a million inches of paper around his face when I attempted to c: You are always so great at craftsy things.

 The boy with the cougar with rainbow wings climbing the dagger impaling a flaming heart tattoo...

I remember sitting in Brian's bathroom waiting for this thing to have the water seep through all the cardboard, but I was glad it took so long, cause I was happy you were touching my arm c: Those guys that worked at the dollar store that day were a little special to say the least...




                                                                                                                     ...so do i

Oh the day you dyed my hair,

How the people would sit and stair,

But it didn't matter to me, even if they gave a glare,

'Cause I knew it was done by a pretty lady, with care.

 ...did you like that? I thought it was catchy :D Even though Silas tried to steal my thunder that day, I still loved sitting in the bathroom and having you make Papa Smurf proud with my hair. We should do it again sometime ;P



I'll never forget how hard I laughed at your photoshop magic when you sent me this picture. I was simply walking by my dryer while talking on the phone with you one day, and together we devised this brilliant work of comedy. I still think you deserve an award for that.

The day we saw Wreck-it Ralph :

Jay was there.

Jake was there.

Kayne almost got kicked out.


...it was bad.

                Despite all that, I still enjoyed mocking the film with you on the phone the night after, that conversation alone made it worth every penny c:

Still remember when Jay was a 




 Staying up all night was worth making that little guy, cause when I saw the smile that it brought to your face, I wouldn't have wanted to use that time for anything else (even though the antenna was a total fail :c).

 Everyday Merlin seems to capture somebodies heart with his cuteness, and normally its yours. If there were some weird biological experiment I could do on myself to make me not allergic to cats, I'd do it just for Merlin :3 He always seems to brighten up our moods and bring us fun when we need it, cause that's what he does best, cause he's a cat :3

( Comic Sans Comic Sans Comic Sans Comic Sans Comic Sans Comic Sans Comic Sans Comic Sans Comic Sans)

I remember how you talked about how much you hated Comic Sans too, sorry, I couldn't help it :P

 Don't know if you noticed, but I figured out how to get all my old stuff from my broken phone, and I wanted to remind you of all the fun times we've had together Kaylee. I loved every moment (well, except for maybe the Jay ones), and I hope we have a ton more. I'm always happy when I'm with you sweetie, 
                   HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.
                                                          Love you <3

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